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March 5, 2019

Hi everyone! I apologise for not writing a blog post since July... If you're wondering if you've missed my commissions newsletter, don't worry!! You haven't missed it, I've just been extremely busy! We've been testing out a new system with my freelance jobs which seems to help my workload, in which will result in me opening my commissions every 3 months. This would be the main reason I haven't opened up for your orders, because I've been doing other freelance every month without a break!

When the time comes I'll be potentially taking 10 customers at a time on the 1st of that month, and with my current schedule this mean opening up again on 1st of July. It seems so long away but I've been practicing my artwork really hard, so I hope it'll be worth the wait in the long run!

Another thing! I've been working on my store lately too. I've invested in a Silhouette portrait so I can make homemade stickers and stationery! I'm really looking forward to sharing what...

July 11, 2018

I'd spent all day yesterday changing the aesthetic of my website! Hoping it's looking a little more professional now, but you couldn't pay me to remove the pink and blue. I hope you guys prefer this design, and that it's a bit easier on your eyes! Especially if you had a hard time reading the beige text from before... that was definitely a bad choice.

Concerning commissions, there was turn of events which stopped me from re-opening commissions when I had originally planned, which means I've taken a surprise hiatus. I'm unsure of when I will re-open for personal commissions... because currently 95% of my time is working on four different projects over several companies. But boy are they fun jobs. I love being an artist!

One of the companies went live last month selling hard enamel pins, which I do the designs for! Please check it out if you're not an artist and would love a pin of your fursona! (or if you just like the style) Thanks to e...

April 2, 2018

Hello again!!! I am back with cool news! I have just started a Patreon! For exclusive Art and rewards, please consider becoming a Patron!! Any support is very much appreciated, and helps me continue to churn cool Fanart instead of constant commissions!! All of my information is through that link, but you can expect rewards like; Full-Res Artwork, WIPS, Tutorials, SpeedPaints, Bases and Free to use Clip-Art. I've just started out so it might take a while to become fully kitted out with artwork posts!

Update wise! I am currently working on Giveaway prizes and the last of my Queue. I have a secret project, one of which has always been my dream job... but I can't share it yet... it's killing me! As I have a few company jobs on at the moment, commission openings have been delayed... Please accept my apologies! I will send out a newsletter as SOOOON as I can! Thanks so much for your patience guys!! ❤

January 22, 2018

Wow!! I've never had such an influx of orders! Thank you very much everyone! I have so much work to do that I must close in order to catch up! I'm quite overloaded so it may take until March until I can re-open, I'll keep you updated! I've also got a good bulk of Furvilla event work to do, so I'm gonna be SUPER BUSY. I've given all of you start dates, and expect to have all current work done by March as well. You may have noticed my progress sheet hasn't updated in a while, thats because I've run out of space on my regular commissions list... so I may use up the remaining Furvilla slots, so don't be confused if you're placed there! It's just for keeping organised. THANKS AGAIN. ❤

January 2, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Who's relieved it's an even number? SO, my month is all booked up with commission work, so new orders from 01/01/18 will now be started in February! All current orders are sketched, including a couple in the waiting list! Although, customers may have noticed there has been a bit of a delay in delivery as my old desk decided it was time to retire... But tomorrow my brand new desk arrives!! YAY! It's been a little uncomfortable where I'm currently working now, it feels like my shoulder is on fire because it's too high and my feet don't reach the floor... HAH. I am SO looking forward to setting it up... it's an artists dream to get a new shiny work space! I'll post pictures on twitter! Thanks so much for your patience guys! Keep an eye on your emails! ❤

December 9, 2017

Commissions are full!! ...Well not completely, but my queue is full for commissions started before the Christmas Holidays. Any forms received from now on will be started in the new year! I will be trying my best to complete all current orders before the year ends... and my commission slots remaining open this time, instead of closing for breaks. I took a few mini commissions on Twitter via Ko-fi, to keep me afloat whilst I was fresh from hospital to avoid re-opening, so thanks so much for your patience regarding those, I REALLY appreciate it. I'm doing so much better because of it, and I would love to thank EVERYONE for continuing to supporting me.

As for health updates... I am 99.9% healed from my surgery, and I have never felt better. Before having something removed that was sapping my energy, I was going at a snails pace and some customers weren't receiving their commissions on time... so I am pleased to say that this should no longer be the case, as I'm fighting...

November 2, 2017

I'm feeling much better this week, the most pain I have left are nerve pains, but I'm able to function normally now! Such a relief, and whats the best is that I'm feeling more energy than I have had in years! WOOHOO.

I started work on Monday this week, so any out standing commissions are currently being planned and worked on. I'm miffed that I didn't get to finish everything before I went into hospital... I want the customers waiting to know that I really appreciate your patience with me, and you shall hear from me soon!

I also want to plan to do weekly streams too! It's fun, and keeps me focused. But I can't choose between Twitch and PicArto! I will update my Twitter with news on that one. How ever it turns out! :D

Til next time! GOOD LUCK ME.

October 21, 2017

I'm home!! The few days spent in hospital were slow ones... I'm swollen and resting up in my own bed now. I'm really grateful for the friends who looked out for me, they made everything that little bit easier. Well... I can't say it doesn't hurt, BECAUSE IT DOES. A lot. Moving is hard so I need to stay in one position for a while. I'm getting my stitches removed next week, it seems so soon?

But anyway, wish me luck and please wish my pain away... I could really use that. HAHA. I'll be watching a lot of TV... and I can use social media on my phone, so I'd love and appreciate a message if you wanted to send one. ❤

October 13, 2017

I now have a date for my surgery! I will be on break for a little while after the 18th, so I've given myself until that date to finish any outstanding commissions from the first round (Customers who paid before 15th of September). The original date was the 15th but annoyingly bumped a few days to the 18th. I am Aiming to get back to work on the rest of my commissions by the 30th of October, to give myself enough rest in order to recover.

Thanks again for your patience as I know it must be frustrating to wait longer, but following this surgery I am excited to be able to work at a faster pace with more enthusiasm and much more motivation... as this fatigue has put a massive stopper on my productivity. 

Wish me luck!!

October 4, 2017

I'm trying my very first Inktober this month! I may not finish, and/or may need to skip a few days for my Surgery, but I've started on my 4th piece! YAY! You can either follow me on Twitter for updates, or scroll down on my Fanart gallery page, where I will also be uploading my pieces! :D! Good luck me, and everyone else taking part too! My most used pens for this will be my Sakura Gelly rolls, Moonlight and Souffle brands... If anyone was curious!

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