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Frequently asked questions 

Which art program do you use?

I use Clip studio paint.


What size canvas do you work on?

At least 3000x3000px Always 300dpi.


Which Tools do you use?

For Paint tool sai Here! Clip studio paint, Here!


May I upload your art to my blog, use for a project, or display on my profile?

Yes you can, you may use or post my art anywhere as long as it links to Kiwibon.co.uk Please never remove my signature from any of my pieces.


Which tablet brand do you use?

XP-Pen 16"


Do you mind if I colour one of your sketches, or reference your art?
Go ahead, I rarely ever say no! Please credit me by linking to Kiwibon.co.uk


How is my commission going?

You can check the customer progress trello here to find out how it's going. Don't feel like a bother to ask for updates though! I'm happy to show you how I'm doing but please don't forget I have a queue and other responsibilities.

Can I edit one of your artworks, turn it into a base, or trace it?
I won't stop you, as long as you give me the credit I deserve by linking it to Kiwibon.co.uk


May I use your artwork/edits/traces for adoptables and sell it?

You are not permitted to sell my art in any form without purchasing rights. Please contact me for written permission and a charge of £60. As for selling Furvilla bases; that is completely out of my hands.

Someone has taken/traced your drawing.

This happens a lot, and it always will. No need to notify me unless a profit is seen being made, and they can't provide proof of my permission. Thank you for helping me out!


Can I use your art as a tattoo?

Go ahead, unless the image is labelled as a commission and/or is clearly someone else's character. I always put a link to their profile so ask them for permission instead of me. Make sure to credit me for the artwork referenced if you take any photos and post them online.


Will you draw me a picture, or take requests?

Not for free, I only take commissions!

When did you start drawing?

I started when I was about 11. But I got serious at 17, when I got my first tablet.


Kiwibon • LittleKiwibon

Residence: Hampshire UK

Current Job: Furvilla, FursonaPins.

Qualification: BA Hons degree;

 Computer & Video games.

Art software: Clip studio paint. 

Tablet used: XP-PEN 16"

Computer: Windows 11 ASUS

Specialties: Digital Illustration, Character design. Stationery, Cute.

Inspirations: Styles including; Lilo and stitch, W.I.T.CH, Miraculous Ladybug, and also many artists I follow online.


Favourite things:

Pokémon, Quietness, Stationery, Dragons, Pastels, Carbohydrates, Birds and Reptiles,  Blankets.


Music: Owl City, Soothing Electronic, 80's synth, Boybands.

Character: Beast boy (TeenTitans)

Food: Lasagne and Chocolate cake.

Colour: Pink, Purple & Lime green.

Pokémon: Mew (+ every dragon)

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