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Kiwibon • LittleKiwibon

Residence: Hampshire UK

Current Job: Furvilla, FursonaPins.

Qualification: BA Hons degree;

 Computer & Video games.


I'm Kiwi, an illustrator interested in cute, colourful sparkly aesthetics.

My gallery is constantly updated with new Fanarts for free.

If you would like to support me and my business; please consider visiting my shop or tipping me on Ko-fi. I'm currently working fulltime producing artwork for FursonaPins.

Public usage of my artwork: Reposts & sharing for use on social media profiles is fine with me, but I kindly request that you credit Kiwibon.co.uk. Please never remove my signature from any of my pieces, or use it for profit, NFT's or AI training.


See my Menu for prices and other info. Or sign up for my Newsletter if you'd like to know every time I take new commissions.

Currently Unavailable
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Art software: Clip studio paint. 

Tablet used: XP-PEN 16"

Computer: Windows 11 ASUS

Specialties: Digital Illustration, Character design. Stationery, Cute.

Inspirations: Styles including; Lilo and stitch, W.I.T.CH, Miraculous Ladybug, and also many artists I follow online.


Favourite things:

Pokémon, Quietness, Stationery, Dragons, Pastels, Carbohydrates, Birds and Reptiles,  Blankets.


Music: Owl City, Soothing Electronic, 80's synth, Boybands.

Character: Beast boy (TeenTitans)

Food: Lasagne and Chocolate cake.

Colour: Pink, Purple & Lime green.

Pokémon: Mew (+ every dragon)

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