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Brighton Illustrations

Residence: Hampshire UK

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts Honours degree;

 Computer & Video games.

My nickname goes by Kiwi, a name which I've had for all of my artist career. I am a proud Freelance Illustrator working for various websites, passionately designing stationery and taking personal commissions online. You can find me online anywhere using my Artist's identity; Kiwibon, or Kiwiggle. 

When I'm not doing freelance work I am striving to do illustrations for books, films, Video games, and Toys. I adore designing cute things and drawing a variety of different characters, both animals and humans. Stationery is also a huge passion of mine, so I'm hoping to start my own range too, some of which you'll find in my store. 


I grew up watching anime and cartoons so my art style is heavily influenced by them. I've collected countless Disney and Dreamworks The Art of "___" books and various picture books that I flick through when I need an inspiration boost. I've always wished that I will one day find my art included in one of those books...

I am in love with art and can not see myself doing anything different for as long as I live (for as long as my eyes work at least) and I will never stop looking for new ways to make my art shinier and cuter. Hahaaaa.


I am easily approachable, please don't be afraid to message me as I am very happy to chat with you, make friends or do business! Please use my contact page for business purposes only!! You are most welcome to chat with me over Twitter.


Computer: Windows 10 ASUS

Art software: Clip studio paint. 

Tablet used: Wacom Cintiq 13hd.

Specialties: Illustration, Character design. Stationery, Cute things.

Current Freelance Projects: Furvilla, FursonaPins, Creetu.


Inspirations: Styles including Disney's Lilo and stitch, W.I.T.CH, Miraculous Ladybug, Studio Ghibli, Sanrio, and also many artists I follow online.


Favourite things:

Pokémon, Quietness, Stationery, Dragons, Pastels, Carbs, all Birds and Reptiles,  Blankets.


Music: Soothing instrumentals, Electronic, 80's synth, Boybands.

Character: Beast boy (TeenTitans)

Ship: T2 (Yowapeda), Marcaniel (MLB)

Food: Lasagne and Chocolate cake.

Colour: Pink and Purple or Lime green.