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Still working on it!

Hi everyone! I apologise for not writing a blog post since July... If you're wondering if you've missed my commissions newsletter, don't worry!! You haven't missed it, I've just been extremely busy! We've been testing out a new system with my freelance jobs which seems to help my workload, in which will result in me opening my commissions every 3 months. This would be the main reason I haven't opened up for your orders, because I've been doing other freelance every month without a break!

When the time comes I'll be potentially taking 10 customers at a time on the 1st of that month, and with my current schedule this mean opening up again on 1st of July. It seems so long away but I've been practicing my artwork really hard, so I hope it'll be worth the wait in the long run!

Another thing! I've been working on my store lately too. I've invested in a Silhouette portrait so I can make homemade stickers and stationery! I'm really looking forward to sharing what I make with you, I'll be sure to make a big update with what I've managed to make! Even though it's small at the moment, my store is still fully functional. You can now pay by credit/debit and log in to view your account and saved cards. Just like a real online store... wow!! I'm working on some designs in my spare time which will hopefully help the 'cafe' part in my shops name make a little more sense!

Since collaborating with FursonaPins.com I've joined the party and made a Kiwi pin that you can buy in my store... Look at her! I have not used my persona/mascot much over the years, but I'm planning to try and bring her back. I'm sure some of you saw her around DeviantArt in the good Ol' days!


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