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Revamp and Company work!

I'd spent all day yesterday changing the aesthetic of my website! Hoping it's looking a little more professional now, but you couldn't pay me to remove the pink and blue. I hope you guys prefer this design, and that it's a bit easier on your eyes! Especially if you had a hard time reading the beige text from before... that was definitely a bad choice.

Concerning commissions, there was turn of events which stopped me from re-opening commissions when I had originally planned, which means I've taken a surprise hiatus. I'm unsure of when I will re-open for personal commissions... because currently 95% of my time is working on four different projects over several companies. But boy are they fun jobs. I love being an artist!

One of the companies went live last month selling hard enamel pins, which I do the designs for! Please check it out if you're not an artist and would love a pin of your fursona! (or if you just like the style)

http://fursonapins.com. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed for my commission newsletter so far, I promise I will send out a opening email as soon as I am not as jam packed with work, I really appreciate your patience... and I'm looking forward to a variety of lovely new characters to draw!

Have a good day my lovlies!


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