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Commissions Update! (+Health)

Commissions are full!! ...Well not completely, but my queue is full for commissions started before the Christmas Holidays. Any forms received from now on will be started in the new year! I will be trying my best to complete all current orders before the year ends... and my commission slots remaining open this time, instead of closing for breaks. I took a few mini commissions on Twitter via Ko-fi, to keep me afloat whilst I was fresh from hospital to avoid re-opening, so thanks so much for your patience regarding those, I REALLY appreciate it. I'm doing so much better because of it, and I would love to thank EVERYONE for continuing to supporting me.

As for health updates... I am 99.9% healed from my surgery, and I have never felt better. Before having something removed that was sapping my energy, I was going at a snails pace and some customers weren't receiving their commissions on time... so I am pleased to say that this should no longer be the case, as I'm fighting fit and READY TO RUMBLE.


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