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Hello!! & Commissions open at last!!

It's been a long time, not since my last journal post, but since uploading regular art! I've been trying my hardest to liven up my online appearance as I've been almost hidden for a few years. Part of that miiiight have to do with me accidentally deleting my tumblr a few years ago but that's a different story!

I've been quiet due to health but hopefully that's about to change, as I'm having an operation in a few months which hopefully will be a great positive boost for me. But to throw myself into the deep end before that, I've finally opened commissions again to wrestle myself back on the regular updates road again!

I'm overwhelmed with how many responses I got to my newsletter, so thank you VERY much for sending in your forms! I'm still open but new orders are looking at waiting until the end of October, if you're happy with that, by all means please make an order. ❤

Again, I'm so happy to be back in touch with the artists community and I hope it stays this way! if you see me being quiet, I'd always appreciate a gentle nudge. Love you guys!!!


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