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Frequently asked questions. ★ General FAQ Commission FAQ

Can I have the .PSD file for a specific villager?
I’m afraid not. You will need to colour them yourselves, or edit the completed versions! The bases don't have multiple layers, as I paint on one layer.

Will *species* get costumes too? 
Yes, eventually. They will be released in small bursts over time!

Will you do *species* next? 
I have a set list based on popular demand, which may be subject to change. If you want something obscure you’re welcome to commission it into the game.

You’ve drawn some anatomy wrong on this base, can you change it?
I’m learning about many species as I go, many are new to my checklist! So I apologise for anything overlooked after approval. Unfortunately I don’t get paid to do these extra tweaks that users might demand. You can either commission me or another user to make the tweak you want!

Why do some bases look messier and unfinished compared to others?
The ‘messier’ ones are some of my first jobs for Furvilla. Over the 3 years I’ve worked for them, my style has become a lot cleaner and improved. That’s all!


How long does one villager/costume piece take to do?

Roughly 6 hours each!

How much do you earn from furvilla?
I don’t share that kind of information, sorry! A rumor was spread I earn $1000 per furry, which is false.


Do you do paintie commissions?
Yes, but only when I’m open for business I will take commissions for GBP. 

I've commissioned you before, can I use the art as a paintie?
Any Animal/Furry commissions I do for you may be used as Painties, so no need to ask me. 


When will you open for commissions?
Please keep check of my status online, you can check from my commissions page, or subscribe to my newsletter!

Can I sell paintie commissions myself?
Yes!! Any furvilla bases are free to use and sell for onsite use.

Where are all the bases to make painties?
Here! You can also edit the coloured files here.


Why hasn't *species/costume* been done yet?
I’m the only character artist at this time, so I’m afraid I’m doing the best I can on my own. Especially along side my other freelance work.