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How will my commission be delivered?

Art is finished in digital .PNG format, and sent via attachment to the email address you provided. 


How many tweaks can I make to my commission?

You can make as many as you like during the sketch stage. Once I've shared the flats you can still request to change things like colours, limb placements, hair and facial features. The full pose can not be changed once coloured.


How do I pay?

Through paypal. I will send an invoice to the paypal email you provided me in the form. The currency will convert automatically from USD/EUR to GBP. If the invoice is unpaid after 10 days, you'll be removed from my commissions list.


How long will my commission take?

Once started, art may be completed from 1 week to 1 month depending on your position in the Current job list. Fast Track commissions will be completed within three working days of the approved sketch. You can check your position in the queue and the progress here.  


How long do I have to wait in the queue?

If you are on the Waiting list, please be prepared to wait one month for me to start your commission as I must complete what I have on my Current Jobs list first. Every commission taken is completed in the order received.


Can I cancel my commission?

A cancellation can only be made if you have not yet paid. If you have already paid, I can change the commission to something else if you wish, providing I have not yet started colouring.


Can I have a refund?

I do not give refunds once started. Alternatively, If I can't complete your commission for any reason, I will issue a full refund.


Can I sell the commission on the clothes or objects?

Not without purchasing rights first. I will charge a +50% reselling fee and you'll gain full rights to the artwork with free reign to do what you like with it.




Can I keep my commission private?

Yes, please state so in the commissions form. Alternatively If you give permission for me to upload your commission, I will do so at 50% size with a watermark.


Can I upload the commissioned piece to my Blog, Furaffinity, Deviantart?

You definitely can, credit is also nice, but not mandatory. I can provide you with the watermarked version, if you're worried about it being used by others. Just ask!


What are you willing and not willing to draw?

I will happily draw; Original characters, Copy from photographs, All animals, Furries, Fanart, Any ships (please ask if you're unsure!), Armour/Mecha, tasteful nudity.

I am uncomfortable drawing anything of a fetish/sexual nature, guts/gore, or religious. If a request is something potentially controversial, I may decline.


What is the difference between Shaded and High detailed?

Shaded will be tidy lineart, colouring and soft shading. High detail is full depth shading with highlights completed to a clean finish to an almost 3D effect and will take twice as long to complete, hence the doubled price.


Can you explain the Animal / Prop sizes on the price Menu?

Tiny animals / Small props; something you can hold in your hands. Examples: Rodents, Small birds, Insects, Food, Tools, Books.


Small animals; anything small enough to sit in ones lap.

Examples: Cats, Little dogs, chickens, Baby dragons. 


Large animals and props; Similar size or bigger than your character. 

Examples: Wolves, Horses, Eagles. Dragons. 

Seats, Giant weapons, Beds, Bicycles, Baby's Buggy.


Do you do traditional commissions?

Not yet, but I do plan on offering them in the future! Delievered to you by mail.

Whats the difference between Chibi and XS Chibi?

An extra small Chibi will be on a canvas half the size, and will have less detail, thicker lines and more squashed anatomy.

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